Easy dropshipping with Shopify

Choose products and start selling online in a few clicks. 8-10 day trackable shipping to US.

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🙆‍♀️ What’s dropshipping?

Start selling online immediately at Shopify without holding products in stock. Instead, our suppliers will ship products directly to your customers. You can focus on making sales and marketing.

Automizely Dropshipping works well with other platforms

Everything you need to make money online with dropshipping on Shopify

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Find dropshipping products

Choose from thousands of top-quality dropshipping products and start selling online instantly.

8-10 day trackable shipping to US

Good shipping time and trackable delivery build trust with customers.

Pricing automation

Set listing price based on rules to protect your profit margin and save time.

Bulk product editor

Edit dropshipping product descriptions, images, and listing price in bulk to list products faster.

1-click import to Shopify

Import dropshipping products to Shopify store in bulk. Go live in a single click.

Trusted by 5,000+ Shopify stores

Trying this dropshipping app out - the product choices are different from those Aliexpress app. They got some branded products which is different from Oberlo (aliexpress importer). Hopefully get my first order.
Ma Ma Maria
I like the product list view so I can see all products on one page. Too many dropshipping apps & this one at least controls the shipping time & has tracking (Aliexpress take like 3-month shipping time without tracking).
So far so good. Finding a dropshipping app that controls well on the shipping time, this one says it takes 8-10 days to US...so hopefully can build my brand from this. And seems it is not those aliexpress app, give it a try.
Ann since 1982
Great customer service! I had some initial questions and they were answered immediately and very friendly service. A very good selection of products with fast shipping.
Bent Buys
I have been looking for this kind of app for a long time finally I got such an amazing app and the dropship products are also good. So I would suggest just try once
My Dream Store
Looking for an alternative to Oberlo and find this free dropshipping app. Will give it a try. The support is great! it is pretty late now but still helping me!

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