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努力將您商店的訪客轉化為付費客戶? 試試我們的免費商店速度測試器,了解如何提高網站的性能。


Automizely Marketing 是一款適用於 Shopify 的免費 30 合 1 應用程序,它取代了所有減慢您商店速度的應用程序。從電子郵件和 SMS 營銷到彈出窗口、產品推薦等,Automizely Marketing 可幫助您贏得新客戶並推動商店銷售。


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popup and email templates

Popup and email templates

Boost sales with ready-to-edit popups and emails that fit your brand style.

basic popup

Basic popup

Drive sales to your store with a classic popup you can set up in minutes.

free shipping bar

Free shipping bar

Motivate customers to buy more with a free shipping bar you can set up in minutes. Shopify stores only.

email verification

Email verification

Improve your delivery rate and protect your sender reputation by checking to see if an email address is deliverable.

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