1-click quick import

将“导入评论”按钮添加至浏览器书签,然后单击即可导入 Ali 评论。

  • 无需编码
  • 拖放“导入评论”按钮
  • Delete unwanted reviews with the utmost ease


Auto-import the latest 100 reviews of 4-5 stars to your Shopify store in seconds.

  • 节省时间
  • 建立品牌信任
  • 提高转换率

Review request emails

Collect photo reviews effortlessly. Act upon customer feedback to build brand equity and gain competitive advantage.

  • Customize emails in no time
  • Easier collection of UGC
  • Amazing sales growth with genuine product reviews

Review request email history

Monitor the performance of your review request emails and take data-oriented actions to keep collecting customer feedback.

  • Keep a close eye on the number of scheduled emails
  • Identify the number of emails that resulted in customer reviews
  • Get full visibility on the email open rate

Import reviews from CSV files

Import up to 500 reviews at once by simply uploading a CSV file. Showcase both photo and video reviews to build social proof.

  • Show reviewers’ country for authenticity
  • Add up to 6 photos and videos for each review
  • Drive sales with 4 and 5 star reviews



  • 图片评论
  • 文字评论
  • 提供文字和图片评论



  • List and block layout
  • 支持所有 Shopify 主题
  • 100%响应
  • 可支持移动设备

Collect customer reviews on your store

Allow customers to leave honest feedback on your store with the “Write a review” button to build the trustworthiness of your brand.

  • Collect text/photos reviews with ease
  • Get email notification for every new review
  • Moderate reviews before publishing
  • Customize review button to match your store (coming soon)

Customizable reviews widget

以美观的方式在 Shopify 店铺显示已导入的评论,以符合您的品牌调性。

  • 编辑颜色
  • Enable country flag
  • 编辑字体样式



  • 客户互动率
  • 评论增加销量
  • 产品关键字分析


免费安装至 Shopify

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