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Automizely SMS features

Everything you need to start sending instant text messages

Sync with Shopify store

Create high-converting one-off SMS campaigns in seconds for your store. Encourage customers to come back and complete their orders.

  • Quick and easy setup
  • TCPA/GDPR compliance
  • No coding required
  • All Shopify themes supported
Sync with Shopify store

Easy-to-use automations

Automatically reach out to customers with our professional abandoned carts templates. Capture your sales before they disappear forever.

  • TCPA/GDPR compliant templates
  • Cart recovery link
  • Ensure high delivery rate
  • Optimize conversion rate
  • Define SMS trigger settings
  • Available for US, Canada, Australia, UK, & India customers
Easy-to-use automations

Powerful trigger settings

Reach customers at the right time after they abandon the cart by optimizing the send-times for the best open rates.

  • Set minimum order cart value
  • Configure delay time
Powerful trigger settings

TCPA/GDPR compliance

Give brands and customers a great experience while sending and receiving text messages by being respectful of their privacy.

  • Ensure data protection
  • Protect customer privacy
  • Build brand credibility
  • Meet US and EU legal requirements
TCPA/GDPR compliance

Track campaign performance

Review detailed reporting on sent and open rates to optimize your SMS campaigns and increase sales.

Track campaign performance

Maximize ROI with targeted SMS campaigns in a few clicks.

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