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1-click quick import

Add “Import Reviews” button to your browser bookmark and import Ali reviews in one click.

  • No coding required
  • Drag and drop “Import review” button
  • Delete unwanted reviews with the utmost ease
1-click quick import

Smart import logic

Auto-import the latest 100 reviews of 4-5 stars to your Shopify store in seconds.

  • Save time
  • Build brand trust
  • Increase conversion rate
Smart import logic

Manage reviews effortlessly

Monitor, analyze, and respond to customer reviews from one place to strengthen your brand credibility and reputation.

  • Publish/unpublish reviews
  • View review details
  • View average ratings
  • Move/edit unverified reviews
  • Respond to reviews
Manage reviews effortlessly

Review request emails

Collect photo reviews effortlessly. Act upon customer feedback to build brand equity and gain competitive advantage.

  • Customize emails in no time
  • Easier collection of UGC
  • Amazing sales growth with genuine product reviews
Review request emails

Review request email history

Monitor the performance of your review request emails and take data-oriented actions to keep collecting customer feedback.

  • Keep a close eye on the number of scheduled emails
  • Identify the number of emails that resulted in customer reviews
  • Get full visibility on the email open rate
Review request email history

Import reviews from CSV files

Import up to 500 reviews at once by simply uploading a CSV file. Showcase both photo and video reviews to build social proof.

  • Show reviewers’ country for authenticity
  • Add up to 6 photos and videos for each review
  • Drive sales with 4 and 5 star reviews
Import reviews from CSV files

Show reviews at collection pages

Display positive reviews and ratings by customers on the product listing pages.

  • Photos reviews
  • Text reviews
  • Both text and photo reviews
Show reviews at collection pages

Collect customer reviews on your store

Allow customers to leave honest feedback on your store with the “Write a review” button to build the trustworthiness of your brand.

  • Collect text/photos reviews with ease
  • Get email notification for every new review
  • Moderate reviews before publishing
  • Customize review button to match your store (coming soon)
Collect customer reviews on your store

Review and rating widget

Display best customer reviews on the product page to motivate customers to checkout fast.

  • List and block layout
  • Works with all Shopify themes
  • 100% responsive
  • Mobile-friendly
 Review and rating widget

Customizable reviews widget

Display the imported reviews in your Shopify store in a beautiful way to match your brand tone.

  • Edit color
  • Enable country flag
  • Edit font style
Customizable reviews widget

Share reviews on social media

Share positive online reviews with your social media audience to inspire customer trust.

  • Share reviews on Facebook and Twitter
  • Easily share reviews received via emails
  • Allow buyers to share their reviews
  • Improve revenue and accelerate growth
Share reviews on social media

Reward buyers for sharing reviews

Optimize review generation and grow business ROI. Offer a discount to buyers for sharing positive reviews and referred friends upon visiting the product page via the shared reviews.

  • Quick post-review referral setup
  • Offer discounts based on cart subtotal
  • Customize discount amount with the utmost ease
  • Add an expiration date to your rewards
  • Send reward emails instantly
  • Give easy to redeem coupon codes
Reward buyers for sharing reviews

Integrate with Google to display reviews

Exponentially increase traffic to your website by displaying your product reviews and ratings on Google search results Shopping ads.

  • Show product reviews and ratings on Google Shopping ads
  • Display product star ratings on Google rich snippets
  • Showcase aggregate ratings from verified reviews
  • Display text reviews on Google review summary page
  • Build strong social proof with visual product photos
Integrate with Google to display  reviews

Customer reviews analytics

Grow with your reviews. Get valuable insights into your average ratings for each product.

  • Customer interaction rate
  • Sales driven by reviews
  • Product keyword analysis
Customer reviews analytics

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