• Easy 1-click reviews import - Drag the “Import Reviews” button to your browser bookmark and import AliExpress reviews in one click.

  • Intelligent import logic - Save time and reduce errors by auto-importing the latest 100 4-5 stars reviews to your Shopify store in seconds via the “Import Reviews” button or 500 4-5 stars reviews via a CSV file.

  • Automate review generation - Collect authentic customer reviews for your store by sending automated branded review request emails.

  • Customizable photo review and rating widget - Get customers to add more to the cart by displaying beautiful photo and video reviews on your product listing pages.

  • Customer review analytics - Improve your product portfolio and welcome more sales by doing a careful analysis of each product’s average product ratings.

How it works?


Customer reviews are a confirmation your website visitors need from their peers to make the first purchase with your brand. Positive reviews can make your brand, while negative ones can put off customers for good. Leverage the never-ending benefits of a good review generation strategy with the simple user interface and advanced functionalities of Automizely Reviews. Build a solid social proof for your dropshipping products with one-click AliExpress reviews import. You can import up to 100 reviews in one go. To display customer feedback from sources other than AliExpress, use CSV file export to start showcasing photo and video reviews on your product pages without a hassle.

Manage which reviews you want on your website and which you don’t from the reviews management dashboard. Publish, unpublish or delete reviews as per your marketing goals and see how many reviews out of all the ones you've imported are currently published on your store. Bound customers to add more orders to the cart by customizing your review widget that fits your brand tone. Give customers a gist of how popular a product is at a glance by displaying star ratings for each product.

For customers to automate the review generation and get tons of authentic reviews in a jiffy, the review request emails can do the bidding. Customize emails, update the messaging, and trigger the target settings based on order delivery and fulfillment to reach customers at the right time to get their valuable feedback. Get insightful data on how review request emails are performing and how many reviews they could collect with the key performance analytics and metrics.

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