Coupon management

Create unique and master discount codes easily for your Shopify store to boost more sales.

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Saves time and efforts

Generate large sets of unique discount codes in minutes for personalized marketing.

Stops coupon abuse

Generate unique codes that can only be used once to avoid abuse from coupon sharing sites.

Increase cart value

Create coupons that can only be used unless it exceeds a specific order amount.

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About 93% of shoppers use a coupon or discount code throughout the year.

Create unique coupons automatically

Automatically generate a unique coupon for each signup or email sent.

  • Prefix settings
  • Limit usage settings

Customize your promotion offers

Create discount codes that match your marketing strategy to maximize the sales.

  • Discount amount or percentage
  • Minimum order subtotal
  • Coupon active period

Add coupon to campaigns easily

You can easily add a coupon to your popup or email marketing campaigns in a few clicks.

Sync to your Shopify store

Automatically sync coupons to Shopify, so customers can use the coupons at checkout.

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