Contact management (CRM)

A single window view to the potential customers who've subscribed to your list. It's free!

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More effective segmentation

Get all Shopify contact and marketing data in one single place. Help you segment better.

Actionable insights

Find out quickly the repeat shoppers and total order value to identify your VIP customers.

1-click setup

Connect your Shopify store and see your customer data in a more meaningful way.

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Segmented email campaigns show 50% higher CTR than untargeted campaigns.

360° view of your customers

Review customer buying habits to trigger targeted newsletters and follow-up emails.

Create target customers segments

Add profile tags to identify VIP or repeat buyers. Send personalized emails that convert.

Analyse customers better

Export raw customer data into CSV format to have a 360-degree view of your customers.

CRM designed for Shopify store

See both contact details from Shopify and the marketing activities in one place.

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