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Co-founders Peter Szulczewski and Danny Zhang are smart. They managed to build a simple wish list app - hence the name - into one of the hottest e-commerce platforms to-date.

Now, Wish has “hundreds of millions of users.” They connect merchants to online shoppers and got rid of the middlemen. It’s the reason why it is so competitive to buy things right from their app. And you can find pretty much everything on Wish, from fashion to make-up, home décor, and now hobby stuff.


Wish is handling millions of transactions every month. Their mission is to “give everyone access to the most affordable, convenient, and effective shopping mall in the world.” They are in the Top 10 apps to download for shopping. The competition with giants like Amazon, Taobao, or JD.com gives Wish no choice but to develop great relationships with merchants and delight their customers.

As Wish grew, we needed a system to get accurate and timely tracking information.





Wish is using AfterShip’s API to track what the merchants ship to the customers who buy either from the app or Wish’s website. “It was very easy and seamless to integrate AfterShip with Wish,” says Jing Fang, Platform Operations at Wish.



• Help apply Wish policies and reward good merchants behavior

Since using Aftership, the team at Wish is able to better optimize shipping performance and improve shipping times to their customers. They know about their shipping performance and they can reward the ones who are taking shipping seriously.

• Provide data to measure the platform's performance and our merchants

Customers expect their deliveries to arrive on time. They are frustrated when the package shows up late, or when information is missing. AfterShip’s API makes it possible for Wish to measure the overall shipping performance of millions of transactions every month.

• Improve Wish’s service for customers and merchants

Information is power. When you collect data about the tracking the way Wish do - thanks to AfterShip - you can develop better relationships with both your merchants and your customers.


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