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Founded in 2013, Harry’s is a global men’s care brand that provides shaving equipment as well as body and hair care products. It leverages a vertically integrated business model which ensures that they provide affordable and top-quality products to their consumers; by their great efforts to control the entire process of manufacturing and also by providing exceptional customer service at every step of the journey, this has been achieved.


From a customer experience perspective, it was found out that buying shaving supplies was very frustrating for men since most razors were kept locked behind glass cabinets glass case at the drugstore. Furthermore, the products themselves were overpriced and over-designed razor. The owners identified an opportunity to build a brand that’s more relatable, more thoughtful, and more real than what was on the market, and thus, Harry’s was founded.

In a fast-growing environment, Harry’s mission is to differentiate themselves from other men’s grooming brands. Also, they also want to offer their customers the best products on the market and a great customer experience. To ensure this, an enjoyable and user-friendly online buying experience was at the forefront of their business model. As an e-commerce company, this means meant Harry’s had to ensure make sure that they implemented a reliable software platform from the beginning. Harry’s also knew that internal business analytics and reporting were vital for providing them with a constant pulse on their e-commerce performance and customer experience.


Harry’s selected AfterShip as its preferred vendor service provider to provide furnish tracking data that could be integrated into their e-commerce customer communication of order status and internal business analytics. AfterShip has been supporting Harry’s since 2014 and the relationship has grown exponentially over the past 5 years with AfterShip now supporting their women’s body care line, Flamingo as well. The scalability and flexibility of AfterShip mean that it can cater to Harry’s millions of customers located around the world. Because of AfterShip’s global reach with their carrier partners, Harry’s has been able to successfully implement a central location to access the tracking status of all customer orders as they continue to grow their brand’s carrier portfolio and geographical reach globally.


AfterShip has helped Harry’s to flourish in the market by obtaining carrier data at one centralized location. And since Aftership handles integration with the carrier network, Harry’s did not have to depend on other internal development and technological resources as they continued to expand and grow their e-commerce activities.

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