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You’ve just thought of the perfect last-minute gift for your friend’s upcoming birthday so you start trawling the internet across different online stores to find the exact item you want, taking note of shipping prices and speeds along the way. It’s fun at the beginning but gets tedious quickly. ShopRunner is simplifying this process for millions of consumers across the United States by connecting them with 100+ of their favorite brands across a simple, seamless platform that offers Free 2-Day Shipping and Free Returns, as well as exclusive, members-only benefits.

ShopRunner is creating a unique e-commerce experience that provides tools for merchants to build strong connections to their consumers whilst offering members standardized industry-leading services across all merchants on the platform. So what goes into creating a unique membership e-commerce platform in a hyper-competitive industry?

“Our main goal at ShopRunner is that we’re always continually building and delivering better experiences for members across the platform” states Erika Ruiz, Product Manager - Core Customer Experiences. “In order for us to be successful, we need to keep ShopRunner top of mind for our members and keep delivering excellent services and products via our merchants. How we perpetuate that lifecycle is determined by how we design our platform and engage our members and that's where AfterShip plays a strategic role.

Building an engaged membership group

“The heart of what we do is connecting our customers with our merchant partners. So the strategic decisions we make at ShopRunner are based on the engagement data we have between consumers and the platform” explains Ruiz.

For the core experiences team, to measure the success of any new features they implement they rely on two key metrics - retention and engagement rates. “As a team, we’re constantly looking to optimize a member’s experience from cart to purchase to shipping and through the returns process. We’re continually testing new ways we can keep the ShopRunner brand and platform top of mind for our members” states Ruiz.

“Since we primarily measure our customers' engagement levels by tracking how responsive they are to our email communications, one of the main points of contact for ShopRunner to our members is through order tracking via the ShopRunner platform,” says Ruiz. “This is where AfterShip comes in and helps us drive value for our members. Our objective is to make our members feel like they have full transparency and control over their orders and the integration and visibility of live tracking that AfterShip provides helps us build the trust and accountability between our merchants and members”.

Implementing AfterShip into the ShopRunner platform and merchant network has also helped improve and retain engagement rates between members and merchants. “AfterShip has helped us navigate some of these gaps by providing data to help us identify when we should trigger events or post-sales emails when we don’t get specific tracking data from the merchants, which encourages our members to circle back to the ShopRunner platform and get access to their transaction and shipping information” describes Ruiz.

Hyper Focus on Customer Satisfaction

As ShopRunner expands, customer satisfaction becomes an increasingly important part of their growth strategy. “Part of the responsibilities of the core experiences team is that we are always looking at ways to optimize how we track and measure customer feedback and their satisfaction with the platform” states Ruiz. “By using AfterShip, we were able to collect data to help us identify the ideal timeframe for us to send out NPS surveys to our customers. This helped us build a continual feedback loop between the ShopRunner platform and our members.”

Expanding on this, Ruiz also detailed how they were able to gather more information from their merchants and members with customized surveys. “We are also able to track satisfaction results on a quarter by quarter basis because of the data AfterShip provided. When we combine this data with all the other statistics we gather from sources like NPS surveys, purchasing, shipping and returns data, we get a comprehensive view of consumer and merchant behaviors. From that, we can identify any roadblocks, missed service level agreements, and unique retail trends that may shape our next quarter’s strategy.”
 “AfterShip has helped us build a strong feedback channel by easily integrating with merchants and enabling us to understand our members' behaviors better,” says Ruiz. The success of this feedback loop not only improved the productivity of the core experiences team but has also had a lasting influence across the business. “The company as a whole has found this feedback process incredibly valuable. By having this metric of customer satisfaction ongoing, it’s helped teams identify clearer goals and influence strategic business decisions”.

Future Thinking with ShopRunner

In the rapidly shifting retail industry competitive advantage increasingly becomes dependent on the level of service and the type of user experience they receive. ShopRunner has leveraged technology solutions like AfterShip to help them build processes and trust across their network of merchants and members.

AfterShip helped ShopRunner:

  1. Create a new simplified shopping experience for its members
  2. Strategically manage third-party merchants
  3. Formulate a data-driven strategy to scale the business

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