We believe in a more open and integrated eCommerce ecosystem where retailers, partners, and developers work together for a better shopping experience.

Co-founder, Automizely

Globally distributed team.
Trusted by industry’s best.

6 billion
Shipments processed annually
Carrier partners

We call ourselves A-Geeks

Be a geek, not a robot

While we are passionate about technology, open-source, and building automation tools, we believe shipping features valuable to our customers fast is way more important than chasing perfection.

Build a sustainable business

We measure success by how much value we bring to our customers and partners, not by how much money we make. We believe we can achieve long-term success by helping our customers and partners grow together.

Embrace ambiguity

Life is like Minecraft. We will never know what’s next. We embrace changes and see each challenge as an opportunity to grow. We choose to take on responsibilities, take risks and reach beyond boundaries.

Aim high and higher

We never settle for less, we aim for the best, so we can become better at what we do. We step out of our comfort zone and dare to set more challenging goals, even if others think they are impossible to achieve.

AfterShip Launches Package Tracking API, Gives Amazon-Style Post-Sale Powers To Any Online Merchant

Boost customer retention with a branded tracking experience.