What is “Customer Feedback”

Simply put,feedback is a form showing a survey/score tool for users who are browsing & using the webpage on the website. It can be done in different types, such as page-surveys or feedback widgets.

Why feedback on your website is important?

  • It can help you to learn more about your visitors
  • A benefit to your website ranking (SEO)

The result of feedback can tell you why your visitors like & dislike your site, And these will give you an essential reference for improving feature inheritance or page layout in the future.

Some SEO experts say that search engines search for various ratings about your site and use them to influence your ranking on search results pages. So there is also a trick here: you can guide your users to share more points on social platforms.

Ways of collecting website feedback

Currently, there are probably three more common styles for feedback:


It usually appears in the middle of the screen,and will force the visitors to take action (either responding or closing the window) before they can proceed with what they’re doing.

Champian's Feedback pop-up


Click to open a new tab page. This type of feedback has the advantage of being able to show more content, which allows the website owner to collect more information. But, it is also a drawback of it - it is easy to make it complicated, and the user is impatient.

Under Armour's Feedback On-page

Feedback widgets

If you are not lazy to update the website function based on the details collected by the feedback, this kind will suit you very well.

It’s small and light and does not reduce the user experience on your site by submitting feedback. And you can choose different ranking styles ( Smiley emoji or star)

Nike's Feedback feedback widgets

What does the big brands’ feedback look like?

We selected seven brands which are getting feedback on their website from the top 20 sports brands (ranked by ranker.com’s 2019 rankings) to see how the more mainstream feedbacks are designed:

Other sample:

Adidas's Feedback feedback widgets
Puma's Feedback Pop-up
ASICS's Feedback feedback widgets
Columbia's Feedback Pop-up
Dick's Pop-up
Mizuno's Feedback Pop-up


  • Right sidebar → feedback is more common.
  • Feedback widgets is more popular.

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