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Top 5 Tips and Tricks to Automate Sales Funnel in 2022 & Beyond

As per reports [], 69% of marketers feel that lead conversion should be their first priority. Moreover, 37% of marketers say that building a sales funnel is the most challenging part of their job. Rings a bell? Yes, here’s the thing! A sales funnel could be your game plan for converting the leads into customers. With the right strategies at hand, you can keep your prospects organized, ensure that you’re reaching them at the right time,

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Automizely Marketing integration with Klaviyo

> “Success is not delivering a feature; it is learning how to solve the customer’s problem.” - Eric Ries At Automizely, we keep our customer’s experience above all. As most of our customers use Automizely Marketing for designing beautiful email subscription popups & capturing leads and Klaviyo for sending emails to their subscribers, we decided to delight our customers with yet another smooth integration. You can now integrate your Automizely Marketing account with Klaviyo in just a matter of

Automizely Marketing

Use Cart Recovery Popups to Ride on the Success Wave

Witnessing a high cart abandonment rate has always been disheartening for e-commerce business owners. Rightly so, because it not only leads to a downward spiral in the profit graph but also makes a negative impact on business longevity. > ‘According to Statista [] , 88.05 percent of online shopping orders got abandoned in March 2020.’ This statistic should be enough to understand that a continuous rise in the ca