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Turn store visitors into subscribers with Embedded Forms

Do you want to enrich your ability to collect more leads for your business? If yes, you should consider using embedded forms to maximize your conversion percentage. What is an Embedded Form? An embedded form is a method through which you can display your form as part of your own web page. It doesn’t require your website visitors to click on a particular link to go to a subscription form which ideally decreases one step in the process of getting conversions. Embedded forms allow you to gener

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Boost your seasonal campaigns with newly launched holiday email templates

With the holiday season around the corner, most of the businesses are ready to grab the opportunity with both hands and boost their revenue significantly. Are you prepared enough to ensure that your email marketing campaign will not fail during the biggest holiday season of the year? Don’t worry! Keeping the seasonal campaigns in mind, Automizely Marketing has launched some of the most beautiful email templates for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Thanksgiving. We have crafted some fresh, aes

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Automizely Marketing integration with Klaviyo

> “Success is not delivering a feature; it is learning how to solve the customer’s problem.” - Eric Ries At Automizely, we keep our customer’s experience above all. As most of our customers use Automizely Marketing for designing beautiful email subscription popups & capturing leads and Klaviyo for sending emails to their subscribers, we decided to delight our customers with yet another smooth integration. You can now integrate your Automizely Marketing account with Klaviyo in just a matter of

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Use Cart Recovery Popups to Ride on the Success Wave

Witnessing a high cart abandonment rate has always been disheartening for e-commerce business owners. Rightly so, because it not only leads to a downward spiral in the profit graph but also makes a negative impact on business longevity. > ‘According to Statista [] , 88.05 percent of online shopping orders got abandoned in March 2020.’ This statistic should be enough to understand that a continuous rise in the ca

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Automizely Marketing reaches 15,000 store installs on Shopify app marketplace

Automizely Marketing app for Shopify [] just reached another milestone of 15,000 installs with 2,000 reviews (4.8 star ratings) on Shopify app store. We feel blessed to be one of the best free email marketing and pop up tools for many fast-growing Shopify and Shopify Plus stores. Team are working hard to release more new features every 2 weeks, and more new products are coming soon too! Stay tuned 🤘

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Boost Shopify store sales with automated Automizely birthday emails

Celebrate your customers by sending automated Automizely Marketing birthday emails and take customer engagement to the next level. You can send birthday greetings along with a discount code - 1 to 14 days before customers’ birthdays. An added benefit of Automizely birthday emails? You can schedule them based on the recipient’s time zone. Install Automizely Marketing app for your Shopify store [

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New features for Shopify stores to boost sales for 2020 holiday season & Black Friday

Automizely Marketing is a 30-in-one app for your Shopify and Shopify plus stores. The marketing tools include discount popups, social proof popups, contact management, trust badges, free shipping bar, Facebook live chat, email marketing automation, to name a few. Increase your sales and meet revenue targets this holiday season with Automizely Marketing, install the free Automizely app for Shopify [

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Design the best coupon campaigns for your Shopify store in 2020

Automated Automizely coupon campaigns are one of the most effective ways to boost sales for your Shopify and Shopify plus stores. You can now add discount codes to Automizely popups and marketing emails to generate more traffic and drive repeat purchases. Top 6 Automizely Coupon Campaign benefits 1. Automation: create highly-optimized coupon campaigns in just a few clicks. 2. Create urgency: define the campaign end date to create Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) and upsell products. 3. Boost c

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Important eCommerce Dates: September to December 2020

The holiday season for retailers can be stressful. With the surge in orders specifically geared towards the festivals, the eCommerce businesses have to juggle between managing large shipment volumes and delivering the orders on time. Planning your shipping strategy for the holiday season in advance can help retailers to optimize their delivery rate and time. With the holiday season comes numerous marketing opportunities for online stores to strategically promote their products and come up with

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Automizely Marketing - Top 3 benefits of adding tags to Shopify contacts

You can now add effective CRM tags to your Shopify and Shopify plus contacts with Automizely for free and start organizing your contacts. Automizely contacts can be segmented based on * Interests and preferences: Have customers who mostly buy accessories? Add a tag say “accessory-lover” and notify them each time you add new items to your collections. * The number of purchases: Add a tag (e.g. frequent-buyer) to engage customers who frequently buy products from your eCommerce store wi