PUMA is a German multinational company that manufactures footwear, apparel and accessories. It is the 3rd largest sportswear manufacturer.

PUMA's online store-US site, which is updated frequently, and uses many e-commerce skills and tools, such as Popup and sales stickers.

📊 Website Metrics

🌍Alexa ranking: #3870

🇺🇸Country: US

🏗Industry: Sports&Apparel

📆Analysis date: 2019-12-11

💈 Sticky bar

PUMA uses a sticky bar + information popup to display important details related to products and shipping.

⏰ Countdown Timer

PUMA often promotes discounts and sales using the countdown timer. It is very eye-catching and at the same time motivates shoppers to avail offers.

Of course, now the homepage has been updated like this: Promote holiday gift sales:

🧰 Subscription Popup

PUMA’s US website does not push popup for initiating subscription. But Brazil’s website uses popups. The sign-up Popup is designed with a prominent red color to encourage visitors for a subscription.

🎫 Sales stickers

Puma's online store uses a lot of sales stickers. On the product list page, multiple stickers are posted on the top of product images.

Besides, various kinds of collection stickers are used on the product list pages of multiple categories.

PUMA creatively adds a collection banner with vibrant colors to the product list pages.  This helps in capturing shopper’s attention and stimulates them to browse more pages.

❣️We will update more popup & sales stickers use cases by PUMA in our upcoming blog post.

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