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Want More Raving Customers? Use These 10 Customer Loyalty and Retention Strategies

You’ve probably heard the statistic that it’s 5x more expensive [] to keep a customer than it is to obtain a new one. (Or 10x more expensive, or 25x… this stat has been making rounds for a while.) Whatever the exact figure is, it’s a critical point for business owners to understand. This is especially true for ecommerce businesses, where competition g

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Earn More Positive Reviews With Automizely Reviews - Review Request Emails

87% of marketers vigorously use emails, and on average, a typical customer receives 126 emails every day. Emails have become a popular way of seeking customer reviews. Also, collecting customer feedback is unmissably important to keep upgrading the quality of products. But will sending non-customized and boring emails help you gather valuable reviews? Or will it lead you to struggle while developing social proof and effective customer retention strategies? Not anymore!! Introducing review requ

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How to Build Brand Loyalty as an Ecommerce Brand?

For consumer brands, the answer to customer retention lies in brand loyalty, which spans every aspect of your business — from materials sourcing to product packaging and email marketing. With brand loyalty on your side, you can turn customers into repeat buyers. The average customer acquisition cost [,eCommerce%20industry%20is%20around%20%2445.27.] (CAC) in ecommerce hove

Shopify Unite 2021 Highlights - $0 & 15% Commission, New Theme Marketplace and more

For Shopify Partners who run or consider building Shopify apps, Shopify Unite 2021 does drop some great news! Shopify app partners can now enjoy $0 commission for the first $1M revenue they generate each year (and it gets reset each year!); for partners generating revenue higher than $1M, the commission rate has been reduced from 20% to 15%. In addition, Shopify is launching the new theme store and using the same commission model. Read the full Shopify Unite 2021 summary at Shopify Blog [https:/

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Best Shopify Apps

25 Best Shopify Apps to Increase Sales and Productivity (2021)

There’s a whole world of opportunity out there for your ecommerce store — and a whole world of specialized Shopify apps to help you smash every single one of your business goals. But there are so many options in the app store []. Where do you even start? Fret not. This article will help you choose from the best Shopify apps 2021 has to offer. You’ll learn about 25 of the top-performers (free and paid) and how you can use them to grow your brand. Let’s jump in. Best

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Boost Sales with Automizely Loyalty

Customer retention is the single most important thing for your business growth. If your retention is poor, then nothing else matters. How could we let you skip such an important powerhouse for your business? Introducing Automizely Loyalty Automizely Loyalty lets you initiate your referral program to turn your customers into brand advocates. These brand advocates will push your brand promotion and help increase your sales growth. The best thing is that your current customers already have an i

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Supercharge Your Customer Feedback With Automizely Reviews Email History

Did you know 95% of shoppers read a product review before making a purchase? You probably know how critical it is to get genuine product reviews from your customers for building a level of trust and compelling more users to make a purchase. Keeping this in mind, we have added a new feature under Automizely Reviews to supercharge your customer feedback remarkably. Introducing Email History With Automizely Reviews Automizely Reviews released an amazing feature to help you get key metrics regar


Shopify Email Marketing 101: 10 Steps to Skyrocket Your Ecommerce Sales

Looking for ways to boost sales with Shopify email marketing? Good idea. According to the Direct Marketing Association [],  on average, email marketing produces a 4100% return on investment (ROI) — and nope, that's not a typo. In other words, for every $1 spent on Shopify email marketing, the average marketer will make a whopping $41 in return. So, how can you use email marketing for Shopify to your advantage and grow your busin

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Automizely Marketing integration with Klaviyo

> “Success is not delivering a feature; it is learning how to solve the customer’s problem.” - Eric Ries At Automizely, we keep our customer’s experience above all. As most of our customers use Automizely Marketing for designing beautiful email subscription popups & capturing leads and Klaviyo for sending emails to their subscribers, we decided to delight our customers with yet another smooth integration. You can now integrate your Automizely Marketing account with Klaviyo in just a matter of


How to Create a Shopify Marketing Strategy to Turbo-Charge Your Sales

Ecommerce is more competitive than ever, so an effective Shopify marketing strategy is essential for success. But where should you start? There are countless marketing strategies, tactics, and methods out there — from Facebook ads and referral programs to influencer marketing and push notifications — which ones should you use? To make things even more complicated, every marketing tactic needs to fit into an overarching Shopify marketing strategy to help you get the most bang for your buck. Bu