Display a progress bar on the product page to show the limited number of items left in stock for a particular product on your Shopify store. It creates a sense of urgency among shoppers encouraging them to make instant purchases.

🔅 Do you know?  Inventory countdown greatly reduce cart abandonment and increase sales by approximately 9%.

After all, no one would want to miss out on their favorite items when only a few of them are left.

💡 Example of Inventory countdown

It gives the number of items left in stock.

🕛 Why use Conversions Inventory countdown?

✏️ Easy to set up, no coding required

✏️ Personalize the color according to your store design and style

✏️ Display the inventory of each individual variant

✏️ No additional charges, it’s completely free

⏰ Conversions Inventory countdown

A simple inventory countdown can work wonders for your store! Conversions inventory countdown is designed to be user-friendly and easily customizable.

You just need to connect your Shopify store to Automizely account and enable the Inventory countdown timer, under the Sales Boost feature. It will be set up on the product pages just below add to cart option.

It displays the number of selected products in your store. You can also edit the content of the timer by adding text and emojis.

Decide the upper limit for which you wish to show the inventory timer. When the number of items in your store will be greater than this selected number, the timer will disappear.

So what are you waiting for...

Experience the new feature now! (It’s absolutely free✨✨)