Celebrate your customers by sending automated Automizely Marketing birthday emails and take customer engagement to the next level. You can send birthday greetings along with a discount code - 1 to 14 days before customers’ birthdays. An added benefit of Automizely birthday emails? You can schedule them based on the recipient’s time zone. Install Automizely Marketing app for your Shopify store right away and boost conversion rates by 4x.

Top 8 Automizely Marketing birthday emails benefits

  1. Email automation: define trigger settings to automatically send out emails.
  2. Accelerate revenue growth: add hard-to-resist discount coupons and boost sales.
  3. Branded emails: customize the style and add a logo to send emails that are in step with your brand.
  4. Super easy customization: use the drag and drop editor to create personalized emails in just a few clicks.
  5. Mobile-responsive emails: Automizely birthday emails are compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices.
  6. Emails that generate results: design personalized emails using merge tags and boost email engagement rate.
  7. Increase customer retention rates: show that you care about your customers and build a strong customer base.
  8. Absolutely FREE: you can send emails to up to 300 contacts for free. Contact our support team via live chat if you have more than 300 contacts.

Here's how these emails look.

Automizely Marketing Birthday emails for Shopify & Shopify plus stores

How to collect birthdays?

You can enable Automizely popups with the “date of birth” field to collect customers’ birthdays.

Automizely Popups for Shopify & Shopify plus stores

For more information on how to enable Automizely birthday emails, visit the help center.

Start designing birthday emails now!