NEW LOOK packs Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas into a Winter Promotion Season and publishes promotional banners on their online store.

On exploring  NEW LOOK's store you will find out that its promotional Popups and coupon bars are doing very well.

📊 Website Metrics

🌍Alexa ranking: #8134

🇬🇧Country: UK

🏗Industry: Apparel

📆Analysis date: 2019-11-14

#1: Sign up Reminder Popup

After 3 seconds of browsing the website, a popup that requests sign up is pushed to the screen.

If a visitor subscribes to the email then NEW LOOK sends them a welcome email.

#2 Coupon bars

NEW LOOK creatively uses a sidebar to offer deals of the day on their website.

Not only does it look good but it presents multiple offers on a single panel. This helps them improve their sales and click-through rate.

#3 Collect email address to send discount coupons

While other brands inform shoppers about sales when they go live,

NEW LOOK has come up with yet another innovative technique!

It enables shoppers to subscribe and informs them about discounts automatically when the sale comes up.

For example, searching for "Black Friday" will take you to the Black Friday information page:

A popup on this page collects the visitors' email address.

After subscribing, shoppers receive the coupon code before the sale is supposed to go live.

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