Asics is a Japanese multinational corporation that produces sports footwear. It’s running shoes are often ranked amongst the top footwear.

📊 Website Metrics

🌍Alexa ranking: #9486

🇺🇸Country: US

🏗Industry: Sports&Apparel

📆Analysis date: 2020-01-15

📨 Subscription Popup

To convert visitors and drive conversions, Asics deploys a sign-up popup on the homepage. The subscription popup is designed with subtle colors and font.

🎨 Sales stickers

Five different kinds of sales stickers are used to highlight products on the listing page. These set the product apart and add vibrancy without being a distraction.

🛒 Prevent cart abandonment

Shoppers often view products or add them to cart but leave the website without purchasing them. Asics adopts two methods to reduce cart abandonment rate:

  • Recently viewed tab at the bottom of all product details pages. This displays products that a shopper is considering to buy but did not purchase.
  • Reminder email listing the products that shoppers viewed recently.

🛍 "Out of stock" product tag

For products that are temporarily out of stock and will be added to the stock soon, Asics has adopted two strategies:

  • “Notify me” action button:  Once the product is available, it notifies customers by email.
  • “We recommend” tab: Displaying products similar to the items viewed recently.

These strategies can also be used with a "notify me" button for products that are sold out.

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