According to e-commerce marketing experts, adding more social proof elements to the online store will have a substantial positive impact on sales. It is equivalent to let credible people endorse your website.

Some types of social proof

1. Expert & Certification.

2. Celebrity's testimonials.

3. User testimonials

4. The wisdom of the crowds

5. The wisdom of your friends

Taking Type 3 as an example, let's take a simple example: buying a white T-shirt on Amazon, in the case of a small price difference, most people will tend to choose a product with high rating or positive comments:

Product Comparison on Amazon

Although it is not willing to admit it, the fact is that most people are consensual and tend to choose goods that others have purchased.

Also, people will be more willing to believe in products that have been mentioned and recommended many times on social platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. So, we know how convincing social proof is.

The 5 types mentioned above, each of which is important enough to be able to write an article alone. We will be updated in future blogs (you can subscribe to our blog and keep an eye on it).

The method we are going to introduce today belongs to The wisdom of the crowds:
To announce the status of your website orders.

After learning this method, you can use the settings to make your store have different sales.

Publish your order status

It does not refer to the logistics status of this order after you purchase the payment in an online store. It means: an online store discloses its “sales order status”:

Who & When & What bought?

And keep updating, dynamic display.

Power by Automizely Conversions

The benefits of doing this are:

1. Indicates that many people have browsed your store;

2. Indicate that your goods are popular and many people have purchased them;

3. Imply that other users who are browsing the website page — hurry to buy.

This method is not too common at present. So it still has a lot of freshness, making sure your visitors come into your online store page and can be attracted to it.

At this time, if you add some sincere coupons pop-ups, countdown pop-ups, it is conceivable that your store's sales conversions will double.

So how do you use and set it up?

If you have your own Shopify store, you can easily find Automizely on the Shopify AppStore and use it for free. Or you can add it by following the steps below:

1. Log in to the Automizely account;

2. Find Conversions and set it up;

3. Link your Shopify store;

Automizely Conversions

Get it! All the following things, the system will help you automatically.

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