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Increase conversion rates with the “Add to cart” and “Buy now” buttons

Call-to-action (CTA) buttons are the driving factors for any online business as they accomplish a goal by contributing to a website’s conversion rate. Improving your add-to-cart rate not just helps increase sales, it also plays a crucial role in removing the bottlenecks from your checkout process and identifying your top-performing products. Automizely Page Builder is now offering new ways to help merchants increase their conversion rates. Merchants can now provide consumers easy access to t

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Leverage email segmentation to increase your conversion rate

Email segmentation is one of the most effective techniques to get your content across to the right set of audiences. Dividing your email subscribers into small segments based on unique filters ensures a higher open and click rate and reduced unsubscribe rate. Automizely Marketing has released a new feature called - "Segments & lists" that allows merchants to use email segmentation for more personalized marketing campaigns. With this, you can cater dedicatedly to each segment of the email lis

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Increase brand awareness and sales with video marketing

Videos are a great way to showcase your products or your brand. In fact, 87 percent of businesses use video as a marketing tool to grab their user’s attention. With Automizely Page Builder, you can now add a YouTube video to your store to help you showcase your brand’s story and products effectively and engagingly. You have the option to include a YouTube video on any page of your website. Perks of using video(s) in your online store Here are various ways in which a video can add immense val

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Show your best-selling and recently viewed products via emails and popups

Do you want to increase your sales the easy way? Show your best-selling products to your store visitors. It helps build trust among them concerning your products and brand as a whole. Additionally, displaying recently viewed products makes it relatively easier for your customers to find them again and finally purchase them. Having said that, Automizely Marketing is giving you a new stream to boost your sales with the “Best sellers” and “Recently viewed” product types. Why are these feature

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Boost your store’s online presence with the contact form/page

Automizely Page Builder is giving you the best New Year’s gift by releasing a new feature to boost the online presence of your eCommerce store. Excited? We have added a contact form and contact page to let your visitors connect with your brand easily. So let’s deep dive into the newly launched feature and see how it can add value to your business. Why do you need a contact form on your website? Here’s why you should consider adding a contact form on your website in case you haven’t added i

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Boost your influencer marketing game with Automizely Loyalty's latest features

Partnering with a digital influencer is one of the most sought after strategies for brands to reach the masses as it yields higher levels of engagement and better returns for them. Automizely Loyalty released new features for businesses that wield influencer marketing to grow their brand. You can now send invitation emails in bulk to influencers and easily create/manage influencer list by importing the data through a CSV file. What is influencer marketing? Influencer marketing is a social me

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Increase user engagement by sending follow-up emails to non-openers

Most of the email marketing processes generally involve designing an email campaign, setting the target audience, and sending it to get a few conversions. Is that it? What about those who did not open your email? To get the most useful results from your email campaigns, it is crucial to follow up. With follow-up emails, you get another chance to engage with your prospects who missed your first email or failed to take the desired action. Automizely Marketing has introduced this feature to h

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Display product reviews in Google search results for better conversions

In today’s hyper-competitive eCommerce space, most of the businesses are leveraging the power of Google review snippets to boost their click-through rate, build brand credibility, and earn more repeat customers. You can enable your website for enhanced Google features in search results and help the search engines better understand and contextualize your content. On the buyer side, it helps them trust your products and make satisfying purchase decisions. What are review snippets? Review snipp

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Get a head start on your holiday marketing with amazing Christmas & New Year Templates

The holiday season is here, and we all know how much the ecommerce businesses rely on these holidays to attain massive growth in terms of sales and profit. Automizely Page Builder’s designers have carefully crafted some professionally designed templates for your websites on Christmas and New Year. So, give your online store a new and improved look this holiday season by leveraging these stunning templates. Christmas Templates Want to treat your website visitors to a Christmas look? We have g

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Uplift your festival campaigns with the new Christmas and New Year templates

If you are looking for high-converting email and popup templates to extract the most out of this festival season, you are at the right place. Automizely Marketing has launched a bunch of professionally-designed templates on Christmas and New Year to give your festival campaign a major boost. Christmas Templates Want to spice up your Christmas marketing campaign? We have compiled several Christmas templates to help you get visitors shopping in large numbers on your website. Here is a glimpse